Research and treatments

In our Center, we try to surround our youngest patients with the best possible medical care.

In the scope of our services, we offer pediatric care for both healthy and sick children, specialist consultations of allergists, anaesthesiologists and, above all, ENT specialists. In addition, we offer imaging and laboratory diagnostics, mandatory and recommended vaccinations, as well as skin allergy tests, spirometry, food panels, inhalation and many other tests.



If you have trouble with your ears or runny nose often, your doctor may recommend gymnastics for the eardrums that are in your ear. It’s a bit complicated, so listen carefully. First, soft rubber plugs will be lightly applied to the nose, through which steam will enter. It’s nothing like that, but the machine that causes this pair is to beat it as hard as it can (a bit like egg whites are beaten into fluffy foam).

When this pair is heavily whipped, you will need to drink a sip of water, thanks to which this agitated steam, like in a river, will flow into your ears. You will feel “popping” – that’s when they practice their eardrums. And so several times: the pair flies to the nose – you drink water – the eardrums exercise. Over and over again for 10 minutes.

Rhinometry / Rhinometry

This is a nose test that will honestly and unmistakably show how much your nose is blocked. And it’s easy, like brushing your teeth (because all children brush their teeth, right?). Soft plugs are needed to breathe through the holes in the nose. And nothing more. It’s kinda boring to study … But you get a gift.

tomografia głowy
tomografia głowy

Cephalometry / computed tomography

This research is done in a special room in which unusual photographs are made. You will go there when the doctor wants to see a picture of your tonsils or sinuses. Tonsil is a soldier who fights for your health and makes every effort to keep you healthy. Sometimes, however, he is sick himself, and because he sits quietly behind, behind the nose, you have to take a picture of him. Bays, on the other hand, are small rooms that can sometimes get dusty. The photo will show if this dust is just for a moment and will soon disappear, or if it requires general cleaning.

When you go to the examination, you’ll get a special, a little heavy cape (once wizards used to wear it). Then you will have to stand under the ultra-modern crane and wait a moment straight and motionless, to make a beautiful picture. This is a photo for the doctor, so you won’t hang it on the wall, but you can be sure that it will be a unique photo, because only your tonsil or your sinuses.


This is a test that shows how you hear. All children are happy to come to see Piotr, because he gives headphones to put on – just like in a recording studio. But you won’t sing this time. In addition, in addition to headphones, you’ll get a special button. So prepared – almost like an alien – you enter a special chamber in which there is complete silence. You will hear soft sounds through the headphones – and as soon as you hear them, you must press the button quickly. And so several times. You will definitely like it.



With this difficult name test you can check how your ear works. It’s so simple that there is actually nothing to write about. Well, the camera, which looks like a handgun, is inserted into the ear (first to one, then to the other). You have to hear if the wind is blowing from this gun, but it really blows so fast that when you start to feel that you feel something, the examination is over.

Funny, isn’t it?

Biostimulation laser

If your ear, throat or nose hurts, the doctor may recommend a special magic laser treatment. This is a very nice and painless procedure. You sit comfortably, the nurse puts on your cool blue glasses, and puts a magical laser stick resembling a large pen in places that we want to heal. The extraordinary power of the laser penetrates the ear, throat or nose and stimulates your body to fight the disease.

laser biostymulacyjny