About us

The KRAJMED Medical Centre was established in 1994 and is a private Healthcare Centre. Perfectly equipped, with a team of over 40 excellent specialist doctors, it provides comprehensive medical services of the highest quality. The leading specialization of the Krajmed Medical Center is laryngology and plastic surgery of the nose. During the year several tens of thousands of patients use the services of the Krajmed Medical Center. These are mainly people looking for professional help provided in comfortable and safe conditions. A large part of our patients are people from the areas of culture, sport and politics.

Marek Krajewski

The founder of the facility is Marek Krajewski, PhD – otorhinolaryngologist, Michigan Ear Istitute scholarship holder in Detroit (USA), specializing in endoscopic operations. He developed an endoscopic technique of tonsil surgery, which completely eliminated the occurrence of primary postoperative bleeding. He gained his skills and professional experience during his stay in South Africa, where he headed the Otorhinolaryngology Clinic of the South African Medical University in Pretoria. He is a member of national and international medical societies, among others: He is a member of national and international medical societies such as the American Society of Neurootology, and since 2003, in recognition of his achievements in the field of nasal surgery, he has become the Regional Delegate of the European Academy of Faces Surgeons.

„Our mission is to provide the highest quality medical services in accordance with the latest medical developments in a patient-friendly atmosphere. Satisfaction and trust of our patients is the highest value for us, it determines the success of the company and ensures its constant development.”

Marek Krajewski, PhD

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