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Smell disorders clinic

Olfactory cells are one of the nerve cells in the human body that directly perceive stimuli from the external environment. The stimulus is provided by the olfactory particles of the inhaled air. A healthy person is able to feel more than 100 thousand different smells. By looking at the intensity of the fragrance, we are able to determine the source. Scent has many important functions. It warns about substances potentially dangerous to our health (spoiled food, toxic gases), allows us to choose food and affect its taste, affects the aesthetic experience and well-being. Olfactory disorders affect our quality of life. Lack of smell, or even its weakening, causes loss of pleasure from eating and thus a decrease in appetite, which can result in weight loss and eating disorders, as well as problems with libido. Longer lasting problems with smell can cause anxiety and depressive states.


The ‘Sniffin’ Sticks-Olfactory Test’ kit is used for olfactory testing.

This test is a professional, standardised method of assessing smell. It is performed by a qualified diagnostician, doctor of medical science otorhinolaryngologist Agnieszka Korkosz-Mierzejewska, who has completed hundreds of tests. Scented samples are contained in the so-called “pens”, resembling the appearance of markers. During the examination, the doctor gives the test person to smell more scented samples. On the basis of the tests performed, the olfactory threshold is determined (the lowest concentration of the smell that the patient smells) and the ability to differentiate and identify the smell is assessed (indicating a different smell from the others and naming the specific smell). The final result of the olfactory test is the result of the above parameters. After the test we obtain information whether the smell is normal and if not, to what extent it is weakened. Depending on the result of the examination, appropriate pharmacological or surgical treatment is proposed.

sniffin sticks olfactory test

„Don't underestimate the deterioration in smell - it could be the first symptom of certain ENT and neurological conditions.”


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Agnieszka Korkosz-Mierzejewska LARYNGOLOGIST / AUDIOLOGIST

She graduated from medical studies at the Second Faculty of Medicine at the Medical Academy in Warsaw in 2005. In…

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