You get up in the morning

Step 1 of 7

… You brush your teeth, take your favorite toy and go with your parents to the Krajmed Medical Center.

operacja dzieci 2
Mr. Nurses will be waiting for you in Krajmed

Step 2 of 7

… Which will lead you and your parents to a room in which you will get a comfortable cot (just like a hotel) with your cuddly toy.

operacja dzieci 3
You will put on your pajamas

Step 3 of 7

… And you will get a delicious raspberry syrup – all children lick after him!

operacja dzieci 4
And since the pajamas,

Step 4 of 7

… You probably have to go to sleep. That’s right – mum or dad will pick you up and lead you to a special salon with a big lamp like a spaceship and a lady anesthesiologist dressed in green like alien

operacja dzieci 5
Then you will get a facial mask

Step 5 of 7

… through which wonderful dreams will be given. When you wake up, mom or dad will be next to you. Try to tell your dream then.

lody po operacji
But it is not everything,

Step 6 of 7

…Do you like ice cream? Sure! And who doesn’t like them? Because you will just get ice cream to eat! Hurray!

operacja dzieci 7
You will get something else

Step 7 of 7

… What I can’t reveal. It will be a surprise…

This ends our adventure. Then you'll just go to the house and be healthy!