Oncology Dental Surgery

Oncology/ dental surgery

Consultation on oncological surgery of  face and neck and dental surgery:

  •  operations of the parotid gland – removal of the superficial;
  • removal of the parotid gland with facial nerve preservation;
  • removal of submandibular gland;
  • removal of the lateral neck cyst;
  • removal of central neck cyst;
  • excision of facial lesions: a simple excision with local fine arts;
  • excision and reconstruction of the skin flap or skin graft;
  • excision of lesion of the oral mucosa straight excision of the oral mucosa of the visual arts;
  • plastic fistula oro – sinus, removal of wisdom tooth retention;
  • biopsy, removal of bone cysts, odontogenic jaw;
  • multiple extractions under general anesthesia.
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