Plastic Surgery

plastic surgery operations

Our clinic carries out professional consultations on the full range of surgery of the nose and face, and surgery. Dr. Michael Krawczyński and Dr. Anna Tuszyńska are specialists with many years of experience on the international practices. From their hands they came out many publications in the country and abroad, which touched the problems of plastic surgery, including nose. Dr. Michael Krawczyński teaches regularly at numerous courses in the field of plastic surgery of the nose and face. In the years 2005-2012 carried out more than 1.5 thousand. plastic surgery of the nose. Among them were dozens of pioneering treatments in Poland microsurgical reconstruction of the septum and the bridge of the nose in children.

Services Offered:

  • Correction of the nose (rhinoplasty, septorhinoplasty)
  • Correction of the upper eyelids
  • Correction of the lower eyelids
  • Reduction of scars (RollCit)

We offer plastic surgery resulting from congenital defects, injuries, illnesses or consequences of their treatment.

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