badania endoskopowe gardła

Respiratory system tests


Rhinometrics – Evaluates nasal patency. Sensor olives applied to the nasal cavities measure the difference in pressure of air flow between the rear and front of the nose. As a result, the airflow in the right and left nasal cavity is assessed.

Cyelasculasia mobility tests – This involves inserting micromolecular substance into the nasal cavities and observing their movement through the nasal cavities towards the throat.


Endoscopic – An examination involving the insertion of an endoscope into the throat cavity (an apparatus enabling the supply of light and optics to the examined field). With help of such equipment, we can show on a computer monitor an oversized third tonsil, lesioned palatal tonsils, crooked nasal septum, nasal auricle hypertrophy, nasal polyps, vocal cords etc.


Spirometry – A study that measures lung volume and airflow in the lungs and bronchi at different phases of the respiratory cycle.


Directoscopy – The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia; it is laryngeal sighting using an endoscope. During the procedure, samples are taken for histopathological examination.

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