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medycyna podróży warszawa

Are you planning a holiday? Visit our travel medicine office and vaccinate yourself!

If you are planning a trip to distant corners of the world, it is better to prepare yourself for such a trip. If you are going for the first time, be sure to check your health, get the appropriate insurance and, if necessary, get the right vaccinations. Report to the office where travel medicine specialists are available. They will prepare you for the expedition properly. A properly prepared doctor will carry out a detailed consultation before you travel to distant places, especially to tropical and developing countries, such as the United States: India, Thailand or China.
The doctor will give you all the information you need to be well prepared and avoid health risks, he will also recommend tropical vaccinations, thanks to which you will simply be safe. Only then will your journey be complete in comfort and peace, proper preparation will minimize and even avoid health complications, which sometimes spoil your holiday.
What is important, in our Clinic you will receive a Certified International Vaccination Booklet (yellow booklet) and a Certificate for those going to the USA to study or work.

Vaccinations against tropical diseases are actually the only effective protection for your body. In addition, they are easily accessible and well tolerated by travellers. Only vaccination gives you the confidence to travel in complete comfort without the need for treatment, often in poor conditions.

Maintaining full health will allow you to spend your holiday according to your plans. After all, an infectious disease could force travellers not only to take immediate treatment on site, but also to return to the country. Lack of proper vaccinations may be associated not only with the disease, but also with dangerous complications.

Mandatory vaccinations

The International Health Regulations indicate that the most important tropical vaccination is against yellow fever (yellow fever). This must be done before travelling to some tropical countries, including Africa and South America. Lack of a vaccination certificate may result in refusal of entry or forced vaccination at the border and quarantine at your own expense. Before travelling to remote areas, you should check which vaccinations are obligatory and which are only voluntary.

Recommended vaccinations: Abdominal pipe – vaccination

The typhoid vaccine is effective for 3 years and helps protect against an inflammatory outbreak, i.e. Salmonella Typhi. They are the cause of an acute and chronic infectious disease. The infection itself occurs through food, through contaminated food or water. The abdominal fool can also be infected through close contact with the carrier. Acute gastrological symptoms with the possibility of intestinal perforation are one of the symptoms and complications of the disease, which is typhoid. A vaccine will effectively prevent the infection. Keep this in mind, as these symptoms may appear even after you return from your journey.


Vivotif is a new oral vaccine against typhoid for travelers. The product is prepared in the form of capsules administered orally. The vaccine imitates the natural mechanism of infection, stimulates local and systemic immune response. It is a vaccine for people over 5 years old. Vivotif is the only oral major vaccine that helps to protect against typhoid for 3 years. The vaccine should be taken 1 capsule every other day for 5 days. So we take 3 capsules. The capsule should be taken on an empty stomach (at least one hour before or two hours after a meal) always at the same time.

Vaccination recommended: cholera

This oral vaccine reduces the risk of not only cholera, but also travel diarrhea, which can spoil travel plans. Statistically >30% of travelers develop travel diarrhea in the first week of travel.

In addition to the preventive vaccination, preventive measures are recommended. These are primarily hygiene measures for preparing meals, eating and personal hygiene. Use only water of known origin and wash fresh products thoroughly before eating.


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