We offer diagnostics and treatment of neuroses, depression, insomnia, psychiatric assistance to people with emotional and behavioral disorders, fighting addictions, stress and being in a difficult life situation. We provide pain relief therapy for migraine, spine, limbs and joints. The consultation is given by Elżbieta Rybińska, PhD – a specialist psychiatrist, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) specialist. Dr. Rybińska is a psychiatrist, for many years she has been dealing with Traditional Chinese Medicine which includes acupuncture and massage. Drawing on her many years of study (numerous certificates of graduation from the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine) and practice, she has developed her own program based on a combination of the two oldest world medicine: China and Egypt.


Depression-related disorders are increasingly common in our society. It affects people of all ages and both genders. The number of people whose mood and level of motivation is clearly diminishing is increasing. It is believed that at the root of depression disorders is a feeling of underestimation, which translates into problems with adaptation in a new environment, lack of awareness of one’s own needs, as well as lack of confidence in one’s own strength and abilities. Depression can have a variety of symptoms depending on individual circumstances.

The most common symptoms that indicate that we may be dealing with depression are:

  • a feeling of helplessness,
  • a lack of self-confidence,
  • the interest in everyday life’s affairs is gone,
  • change in appetite and weight,
  • sleep problems,
  • a sense of physical weakness and loss of energy,
  • anger, irritability,
  • the tendency to be risky,
  • the decline in sexual drive,
  • somatic pains- backache, muscle, stomach pains without medical reasons.


is an unpleasant mental state, consisting of feeling nervous tension. This tension occurs in situations accompanied by some complications. Complications include a lack of clear and unambiguously beneficial solutions, fear that something will go wrong, awareness of limited influence on the situation, as well as internal conflicts. Stress occurs as a result of disturbing the balance between human capabilities and competences and the challenges of different situations.


is an effective method of treating neuroses, depression, insomnia, obesity, and asthma. It is also used as an aid in nicotine therapies. Acupuncture triggers the process of correcting any existing physical or mental imbalance in the human being in order to restore his internal harmony. The diagnosis is based on the examination: appearance of the tongue, heart rate. By inserting the needles we cause the energy to equalize on its individual meridians, and thus recover.

Our specialists:

Elżbieta Rybińska- Elsayed PSYCHIATRIST

Is a psychiatrist with over 20 years of therapeutic experience in the field of psychiatry. For many years he has…