Doctors for children

In our Center, we try to surround our youngest patients with the best possible medical care.

In the scope of our services, we offer pediatric care for both healthy and sick children, specialist consultations of allergists, anaesthesiologists and, above all, ENT specialists. In addition, we offer imaging and laboratory diagnostics, mandatory and recommended vaccinations, as well as skin allergy tests, spirometry, food panels, inhalation and many other tests.


He is such a small magician

He is a magician who gives away beautiful dreams. Meets with you when you have to be in the hospital. Sometimes you can even order a dream … Maybe about nymphs, maybe about a sea expedition, or maybe about pirates or a beautiful princess locked in a high tower … And what would you like to dream about?


That the nose would not sneeze

You’ve probably heard that someone has an allergy many times. And what exactly is this allergy? Well, some children can’t drink milk, eat eggs or chocolate, because they would have to scratch constantly. Yes, scratch, because eating such food causes the skin to itch a lot, and sometimes pimples may appear on the stomach, legs or the whole body. Other children, however, cannot sniff flowers, walk in the woods, because they would still sneeze. And who likes it to turn his nose? Well, this allergist treats children with allergies, so that they do not itch their skin and keep them from sneezing.


So terribly interesting

This doctor is very curious about what’s going on in your ear, nose and throat. He has a crane with an ear examination camera, a funny flashlight to examine his nose, and light on his forehead like a lighthouse to look at his throat. Can you imagine a lighthouse on your forehead? It must be very funny! You must see it!


He knows children

He is a doctor who knows children best in the world! He knows where to put the phone on to examine you well and he will never forget to talk to your tummy. And I don’t know why, but I also like to see your teeth. He’s such a thorough doctor who needs to know everything about you.