Treatment of Snoring

Treatment of snoring

We offer our patients a full diagnosis of sleep disorders and methods for effective treatment of snoring, including low-temperature bipolar thermotherapy, surgical methods, including the method of Celon and Koblacji (plasma cutter). Celon method is carried out in our dispensary, it is not invasive. For the soft palate introduces a soft electrode through which current flows. Due to the high temperature the water evaporates palatal tissue. The palate is stiffened, so it do not fall. Koblacja method is used to perform throat surgery, the uvula and soft palate. As a result, the palate is raised and the tongue reduced, making it easier to breathe during sleep. Thanks to modern methods wounds are not created, as with a scalpel, or burns, as in a laser. During the treatment work is in temperature 40-50 ˚ C only. Use of  Koblacja method makes treatment completely bloodless and painless, and the patient on the same day back home and can function normally. The treatment also enable CPAP loan, which normalizes breathing during sleep.

Removing tonsils this technique is performed under general anesthesia, during which a palate and tongueis shortened, and the side of the anatomy of the throat is changed, which causes it to stiffen. Removing tonsil causes throat become less prone to collapse, which eliminates or reduces the amount of sleep apnea. Of course, it also positively affects the elimination of snoring. For two weeks after the procedure, a period of healing, there is a sore throat. It decreases with time and can be effectively relieves pain relievers. In addition, patients need at that time of special diets, that should avoid eating hard, hot, spicy food. But they can eat ice cream without any restrictions.

Pillar Implants

Leczenie chrapania Warszawa - PillarPillar is a minimally invasive technique for implanting the implant in the palate, possible to use in a doctor’s office. Unlike other surgical procedures, treatment is simple and can be performed during a brief visit to the doctor or in combination with another treatment. The procedure is performed on the soft palate. Most patients return to a normal diet and activity as early as the day of surgery.

In the treatment of snoring CPAP loan is also enable. It normalizes breathing during sleep.

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