Treatment of sleep disorders

Treatment of sleep disorders

Tips are provided by an experienced physician, author and co-author of numerous national and international publications in the field of sleep medicine and pulmonary and nine co-Dream Workshop on Polish territory. During the consultation the doctor involved in the interpretation of the results of sleep studies to choose from for their individual course of treatment.

Do you wake up repeatedly during sleep, you may have restless sleep accompanied by sweating, choke on the night of impressions “clogged” the throat or may urinate frequently at night or while sleeping on his back appeared at you apnea? If you worry at this stage that the problem can touch you – please let us go further. Another thought-provoking symptoms are: waking up with an impression of lack of sleep, headache, impaired memory and concentration, irritability and even impairment of libido and impotence.

All of the above symptoms may consist of a disease named: Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

What threatens the OSA belittled?

  •  hypertension,
  • ischemic heart disease,
  • heart failure,
  • Heart arythmia,
  • stroke,
  • diabetes,
  • traffic accidents.
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