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Terapeutic treatment

Terapeutic treatment

This unique equipment intended for the treatment of otitis media, sinusitis and in particular impaired patency of the Eustachian tube. The device has the ability to produce vibrospray, or spray enriched with additional energy from the acoustic wave to impose upon it a frequency of 100 Hz, as well as giving it the short-term hypertension. Thanks to high blood pressure spray penetrates into the middle ear through the eustachian tube and sinuses even through holes impaired patency. The inhaler AMSA pressure is automatically activated when swallowing. By the end of the corresponding nasal pressure pumped into a confined space of nasopharynx vibrospray, and from there to the Eustachian tube and middle ear. Repeating this process results in a natural trumpet physiotherapy. Research shows that penetration of vibrospray hypertension is about 100 times better than the aerosol produced by conventional methods.

is widely used in medicine. The ENT uses it, among other things to treat the following conditions:
inflammation of the middle ear
inflammation of the inner ear
inflammation of the Eustachian tube
sore throat
sinusitis (maxillary sinuses, ethmoid, frontal)
atrophic rhinitis throat
swelling of the nasal turbinates
nasal polyps
Chronic rhinitis throat
Oostoperative wound throat
mucosal injury
bleeding (bleeding obstructs)
inflammation of the salivary gland
Applied laser power is 750 mW, the energy dose is chosen depending on the condition being treated, the time depends on the prescribed dose and is approximately 4-8 minutes (the number of operations determined by the physician).

Sinus rinse kit, acting antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, washing sinuses with set Sinus Rinse get rid of the residual mucus, runny nose, mucus, dirt and blood clots and other remains after surgery.
We recommend using SINUS RINSE:
In sinusitis, the substrate can be infections, flu, colds, allergies, polyps, chemical
In rhinitis (infection, allergies, etc.)
after surgery on the nose and sinuses (treatment of inflammatory conditions)
to restore the mucosa after long-term use of nasal medication
prior to administration of medication to the nose
prior to planned surgery on the nose / sinuses
prophylaxis for hygiene and nasal sinuses.

The modern ear pads EarPlanes eliminate pain during an airplane flight, or when driving in the mountains. EarPlanes inserts are effective ear protection against ailments caused by changes in air pressure.
effective in action,
safe, comfortable, soft,
eliminate the problems caused by changes in air pressure on the plane / in the mountains and reduce noise
recommended by doctors,
equalize pressure in the ears and reduces noise levels thanks to its unique filter CeramX,
ideal for use by both adults and children.

It is safe and simple device to ventilate the middle ear for both adults and children; EarPopper non-invasively and without drugs treat otitis media with effusion, eustachian tube dysfunction, and other symptoms associated with the pressure in the middle ear.

Diagnosis and treatment of neuroses, depression, insomnia and migraine pain therapy, spine, limbs and joints, treatment of obesity, allergies, asthma, as well as anti-smoking treatment. Treatments are carried out by a psychiatrist, an expert on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) – Elizabeth Rybinska M.D., which, drawing from his many years of study and practice, the author has developed a program based on a combination of the two oldest medicine in the world: China and Egypt. .

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