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Pain Clinic

Pain Clinic

Pain is a signal that something disturbing is happening to our body. It accompanies us from birth, and always associated with the unendurable and suffering nuisance. Pain is a subjective sensation sensory and emotional. It binds both to the action of a stimulus that causes it, and also based on the observation arising psychological interpretation of the phenomena. Pain is individual for each person. Impact on both our previous experience of experiencing pain and psychosomatic conditions (on the relationship between the psyche and the body). Pain and its consequences often cause unpleasant consequences not only for us, but our loved ones. Thus, pain is not only physical and psychological consequences, but also social.

The pain can be divided into:

  • acute pain – duration <3 months and acts as a warning and defensive (post-operative pain, post-traumatic associated with medical procedures)
  • chronic pain – duration> 3 months, does not fulfill the role of warning and defense, due to the nature of the symptoms and is recognized as a disease in itself and requires a multi-therapeutic activities,
  • pain, persisted – most often occurs as a result of improper treatment of acute pain, persists despite healing tissue damage which resulted in acute pain.

Pain Clinic at our center is run by Dr. Elizabeth Rybińska- medical specialist psychiatrist specialist. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Dr. Rybińska a psychiatrist for many years engaged in traditional Chinese medicine which includes acupuncture and massage. Drawing from his years of study (number of certificates of completion of the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine) and practice, has developed its own program based on a combination of the two oldest medicines of the world: China and Egypt.
In our clinic we treat all natural methods of pain such as migraine and other headaches, neuralgia, degenerative joint diseases, diseases of the spine and the spine, sciatica, slipped disc and even persistent psychogenic pain and other pain of unknown origin.
In addition, acupuncture is an effective treatment for neuroses, depression, insomnia, obesity, and asthma. It is also used in adjunctive therapies with nicotine.

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