Roll- Cit scars reduction

Rollcit- scars reduction

Each of the traditional methods related to the revitalization of the skin involves, unfortunately, with the possibility of complications – settled erythema, hyperpigmentation, scars, etc. These methods are quite drastic and time to return to the health of the skin takes sometimes a few, or even several weeks. Traditional application of creams is not able to overcome the barriers which is the epidermis and therefore works only superficially. Most of the ingredients included in the preparations under the influence of light is oxidized, and only a small percentage of valuable nutrients penetrates deep into the skin. Roll-Cit is a small cylinder with  several dozen of needles inscribed on its surface. As a result of a puncture thousands of microtraumas occurs. Needles on the device penetrates the skin without removing it. As a result of the treatment the skin is only a “punctured”. The response to treatment is the induction of the production of collagen. It is quite a painful procedure requires anesthesia superficial or local, and in the case of surgical roll-Cit even general anesthesia. Medical Roll-Cit treatment can affect the skin of the face, neck skin as well as the arms, thighs, buttocks, abdomen. While surgery is recommended mostly in the arms and lower body or in the skin scarring in the case of developing scars this method. The recovery period ranging from three days (Roll Cit) for 5-7 days (surgical Roll CIT ). For full effect, it is advisable to periodically repeat the procedure.


Roll Cit method can be used to:

  • removing burn scars, surgical, hypertrophic, traumatic kleoidów and acne scars and stretch marks,
  • restoration of normal skin tone flabby (after rapid weight loss or childbirth)
  • rejuvenation of skin regeneration,
  • a significant reduction in broken capillaries, discoloration and pigmentation,
  • thickening of the living epidermis.
  • achieve the effect of raising the buttocks,
  • cellulite reduction,
  • lifting the neck,
  • wrinkle removal.



The treatment can be performed on each of the skin, even the thinnest.
Roll Cit Surgical is much less risky than surgical facelift, and in some cases even replace serious plastic surgery treatments. It is also an alternative for treatments using laser, especially in patients with thin skin, in whom these treatments are not advisable.



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