Polyps are growths mucosal pathology, filling the sinuses and nasal cavities. This is not a malignant growth, but its presence leads to the destruction of the nasal structures. The presence of polyps signifies the severity of the disease. Plastic surgery of the nose in this case involve the removal of polyps and opening the sinuses blocked escape. The use of endoscopic techniques for precise removal of lesions, which gives a great chance for cure. Frequently correction is performed by the nose nostrils, but sometimes you have to make additional puncture or cut the skin directly over the bay in the medial part of the eyebrows.

This correction of the nose consisting of “improving” distorted septum (the cartilage and / or bone), straightening her in a special press and re-inserted into the nose (use reconstruction technique – in contrast to the techniques of resection = delete). The optical equipment is used to better reflects the operative field.

Closing septum perforation
This treatment bays by closing the perforation (hole) in the nasal septum using a bulkhead or other cartilage using a special plate (similar to the implant), which after a few months after the operation behaves as a natural cartilage.

It is a correction of nasal turbinates changes. The most operated part is central auricle. The distorted structure (aeration, abnormal curvature) makes it occupies a large portion of the nasal cavity, blocking the flow of difficult breathing and sinus secretions.

Rhinopasty/ septorhinoplasty
It allows revision of curved line.. Crooked external nose is not only the cause of the complexes, but also impairs breathing. For best results, the simultaneous operation of partitions and external rhinoplasty (called septorynoplastyka). This procedure can be performed from the age of 16. Before the operation the doctor on the basis of photographic documentation analyzes face. Then the resulting material developed graphically both the “hand” and with the help of a computer, making measurements and proportions of the face angles between individual elements of facial morphology. The aim of all these activities is to plan the surgical procedure so that derived from the shape of the nose surgery was in harmony with the whole face. Based on the conclusions drawn from the analysis of the face can also perform computer simulations predicted shape of the nose before the surgery.

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