Nose Correction

Nose correction

If you do not accept the shape of your nose or there are medical reasons to perform the surgery please visit our clinic!

Its curvature is not only the cause of complexes, but impairs breathing. Best results provide simultaneous plastic surgery of the external nose and septum. Performing surgery helps the patient to breathe through straightening the septum and improves the external appearance of the nose by changing its shape. The treatment may be performed from 16 years of age. Before the operation the doctor on the basis of photographic documentation analyzes the face. The resultant material is developing both graphically and “manually”, and with the help of a computer, making measurements of facial proportions and angles between individual morphological elements of the  face. The aim of all these activities is to plan surgical procedures that the resulting shape remained in harmony with the whole face. On the basis of the conclusions drawn from the analysis of the face you can also perform computer simulations predicted shape even before the surgery rhinoplasty. The procedure takes 2.5 to 3 hours. After the correction the nose is being covered with a dressing that secures its new shape. After a week stiffening  is removed. For about six weeks skin is sensitive and delicate, so it is recommended to protect it from harmful atmospheric phenomena. Healing scars lasts from 6 months to a year.

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