Kids operation

How much can you get sick? Probably no one wanted to go to colleagues or friends, and here again, this disease … I completely understand you. It’s definitely not nice. We must therefore deal with it!

This is the plan:

In the morning you get up, brush your teeth, you take your favorite toy and you go with your parents to Krajmed Medical Center.
At the CM Krajmed smiling nurses will wait for you  who will lead you and your parents to a room in which, together with its cuddly you’ll get a comfortable bed (just like in a hotel).
You bet your pajamas and get a delicious raspberry syrup – all the kids lick after him!
Well, if pajamas, you probably need to go to sleep. That’s right – mom or dad will take you in their arms and take you to a special lounge with a big flash like a spaceship and Mrs. anesthesiologist dressed in green as alien
Then you will get the face mask, thru the wonderful dreams will be served. When you wake up, you will be next to mom or dad. Try to tell them your dream.
But that’s not all. Do you like ice cream? Sure! And who does not like them? You will get some ice cream! Hurrah!
You will get something that I can not tell too. It will be a surprise …

Thus ends our adventure. Then, just go home and be healthy!

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