Terms and Conditions

Legal basis

In accordance with the requirements of Article 100 of the Act of 15 April 2011 on Medical Activity (Journal of Laws No. 112, item 654), organizational regulations are established.

General provisions

Krajmed CM operates on the basis of existing legislation, including in particular:

  • Act of 15 April 2011 on Medical Activity (Journal of Laws No. 112, item 654)
  • Regulation of the Minister of Health of 16 July 2004 on the register of health care institutions (Journal of Laws No. 169, item 1781, as amended)
  • Act of 6 November 2008 on Patient Rights and Patient Ombudsman (Journal of Laws No. 52, item 417, as amended).
  • Regulation of the Minister of Health of 21 December 2010 on the types and scope of medical records and the manner of their processing (Journal of Laws No. 252, item 1697).
  • Accounting Act of 29 September 2009 (Journal of Laws No. 121, item 591, as amended).
  • Ordinance of the Minister of Health of 2 February 2011 on the requirements which should be met by the premises and equipment of a health care facility in terms of professional and sanitary conditions (Journal of Laws No. 31, item 158).

1. Name of the entity

Subject: Krajmed Centrum Nowoczesnej Laryngologii sp. z o.o. ( Krajmed CM)
Organisational and legal form: legal entity
The address: 02-739 Warsaw, 11 Wałbrzyska St. 55, 56
KRS number: 0000468012
REGON number: 146771299
Tax Identification Number (NIP): 5252558572

2. The objectives and tasks of the entity

The purpose of the entity:

  1. To preserve and restore the health of patients.
  2. Providing the highest quality medical services in accordance with the latest medical developments in a patient-friendly atmosphere.

The task of the entity performing the therapeutic activity is to provide health services for children, youth and adults:

  1. Outpatient and inpatient specialist health services.
  2. Oxygen therapies in hyperbaric chamber.
  3. Judging and giving opinions on the state of health.
  4. Cooperation with other health service organizational units, organizations and associations.
  5. Health promotion.

3. The place where health services are provided

At the entity’s headquarters at the address:

Wałbrzyska Street 11, premises 55, 56

02-739 Warsaw

4. Type of therapeutic activity and scope of benefits provided

Provision of health services:

  1. Outpatient medical services in the field:
    allergology, anaesthesiology, audiology, general surgery, plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, dermatology, endocrinology, haematology, internal medicine, cardiology, laryngology, diving medicine, travel medicine, family medicine – general practitioner, sports medicine, nephrology, oncology, pediatrics, pain treatment (acupuncture), treatment of infectious diseases, treatment of olfactory disorders, treatment of snoring, treatment of sleep disorders, treatment of dizziness, psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy, pulmonology, driver tests, laboratory diagnostics, radiology and imaging diagnostics, nursing services including vaccination point, treatment with oxygen in hyperbaric chamber.
  2. Stationary and 24-hour health services (one-day surgery): ENT procedures for children and adults, general surgery, oncological surgery, plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, urological surgery, post-operative care.

5. The process of providing health services

  1. Health services are provided by medical professionals who meet the requirements set out in separate regulations and have the required authorisations to provide specialist health services.
  2. Health services are provided by appropriate medical methods and means, in accordance with the indications of current medical knowledge, in accordance with the doctor’s scope of competence, principles of professional ethics, with due diligence and with respect for patient rights.
  3. Benefits shall be provided by means of medical apparatus and equipment appropriate to the type of benefits provided and marketed and used in accordance with separate regulations.
  4. No circumstances may constitute grounds for refusing to provide a benefit if the applicant requires the immediate provision of the benefit on the grounds of a threat to health or life. Such benefits shall be provided immediately.
  5. The entity shall keep medical records and ensure the protection of personal data contained in those records in accordance with applicable regulations.
  6. The staff is obliged to arrive at work on time.
  7. Outpatient services are provided on a daily basis after an agreement by telephone.
  8. Health services within the operating theatre are provided 24 hours a day.

Patient service at the registration point

  1. The appointment of patients is made by phone, in person, on the Internet with the date and time of the service.
  2. The patient is admitted by a patient service specialist.
  3. Patients are accepted according to the order of records.
  4. The patient who is admitted to the specialist clinic must have:
    1. identity document,
    2. the results of additional tests to date in accordance with the scope
    3. the competence of the primary care physician, depending on the current condition,
    4. hospital treatment information card if the patient was previously hospitalized,
    5. other test results in the patient’s possession related to his illness.
  5. The patient service specialist will set up a health and illness history card.
  6. A fee is collected (either in cash or by payment card).
  7. The Patient Service Specialist indicates the patient to the appropriate doctor’s surgery and passes the documentation to the nurse working at the surgery or to the doctor or directs him/her to the ward in case of hospitalization services.
  8. After the end of the visit, the Patient Service Specialist may agree with the patient on the dates of subsequent visits.
  9. Additionally, the Patient Service Specialist notifies patients by phone if the doctor’s admission is cancelled and notifies the doctor if the patient cancels the appointment.

Outpatient service

  1. The nurse prepares the office and medical equipment for the doctor’s work.
  2. The patient reports for consultations in the doctor’s office.
  3. The patient reports for consultations in the doctor’s office.
  4. The doctor performs tests and diagnostic procedures in order to select the most appropriate, effective and efficient treatment according to the rules of medical art.
  5. The doctor provides services with due diligence, following the indications of current medical knowledge, available methods and means of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, in accordance with the Act on the Medical Profession and the Code of Medical Ethics, while respecting the patient’s rights.
  6. The doctor informs the patient about the diagnosis, proposed therapy and its possible side effects.
  7. If there is any doubt as to the diagnosis or proposed therapy, the doctor notifies the medical director or consults another doctor.
  8. After the visit, the patient may be referred to other organisational units of Krajmed CM or to research and treatment in other medical facilities.
  9. A patient who requires further control sets the date of the next visit at the reception.
  10. The doctor’s visit takes place with the assistance of a nurse or not, depending on the situation.
  11. At the end of the visit, the nurse passes on, in accordance with the regulations and duly completed documentation for registration and prepares the office for the next admissions.
  12. If a nurse does not transfer the office directly to the next nurse, she is obliged to switch off all medical and electrical equipment.

Patient service at the hospital service

  1. The patient is recommended for surgery.
  2. The patient has an anaesthetic consultation (by phone or in person).
  3. The patient reports for surgery and is referred to the ward.
  4. Preparation for surgery follows.
  5. The operator performs the procedure according to the rules of the medical art.
  6. A patient is taken under post-operative care until the discharge, at which time postoperative recommendations are given, and all patient questions are answered.
  7. Within a few days, a postoperative telephone call is made to the patient.
  8. The patient reports to the established control visits.

Patient service process at the Hyperbaric Centre

  1. The patient applies to a doctor of hyperbaric medicine for qualification for oxygen therapy.
  2. If the patient is not qualified, there is no therapy in the hyperbaric chamber.
  3. However, if the patient is qualified, he or she will arrange for hyperbaric chamber treatments (the number of treatments is determined by the qualifying doctor).
  4. The patient submits to an appointment in the Hyperbaric Centre and undergoes oxygen therapy in the hyperbaric chamber under the pressure indicated by the qualifying doctor.

6. The amount of the fee for health services provided

The amounts of fees for provided health services can be found in the price list available at and in the registration.

7. The collection of fees for health services

Health services provided by the entity are chargeable.

  1. The patient is informed about the fee to be paid for the medical service in the registration or by the hospital coordinator.
  2. Patients make settlements for medical services in cash or by payment card in the registration. It is also possible to pay by bank transfer to the company account (the account number can be found at the reception desk, on leaflets “Tips before surgery” and on the website).
  3. The fee is charged before the medical service is performed.
  4. Within 7 days from booking the date of surgery, the patient is obliged to pay an advance payment of 1000 PLN to the CM Krajmed account. Failure to pay the advance payment results in cancellation of the date. The advance payment may be returned if the information about the cancellation was notified at least 10 days before the planned date of surgery. On the day of the surgery the patient is obliged to pay the remaining amount at the reception (cash or card) or provide confirmation of the transfer. Lack of payment confirmation will result in cancellation of the surgery.

8. Conditions of cooperation with other entities conducting therapeutic activities

If there is a need to ensure conditions for proper diagnosis, treatment and continuity of treatment (conditions which the company does not have) or if it exceeds the competence of the doctor, the patient is assured of these conditions in cooperation with other diagnostic companies by concluding appropriate agreements.

The rules of cooperation with other health care institutions are set out in detail in agreements and contracts concluded with these entities.

When cooperating with other health care units, the doctor should always bear in mind the patient’s welfare.

Cooperation consists in:

  1. providing specialist consultations on behalf of doctors and other entities of medical activity,
  2. refer patients by the company’s doctors for specialist consultations to other entities in the medical business,
  3. the company’s doctors directing patients to hospital treatment,
  4. directing patients to therapeutic rehabilitation not carried out in a therapeutic entity.

9. Organisational structure

The organizational unit.

Krajmed Centrum Nowoczesnej Laryngologii sp. z o.o., Wałbrzyska Street 11, premises 55 and 56, 02-739 Warsaw
The organisational unit consists of organisational units:

  • 001 Internal Medicine Clinic,
  • 002 Allergology clinic,
  • 003 Endocrinology Clinic,
  • 004 Nephrological Clinic,
  • 005 Dermatological Clinic,
  • 006 Neurological Clinic,
  • 007 Oncological Clinic,
  • 008 Paediatrician’s office,
  • 009 General Surgery Clinic,
  • 010 Adult plastic surgery outpatient clinic for consultation and treatment in the local area,
  • 011 Osteoporosis guidance,
  • 012 Ophthalmological consultation,
  • 013 ENT clinic,
  • 014 Audiological advice centre,
  • 015 Phonatric Clinic,
  • 016 Other laboratories (rhinestone testing, rhinomanometry),
  • 017 One-day surgery department,
  • 018 Operating block,
  • 019 Hospital pharmacy department,
  • 020 The treatment room,
  • 021 Children’s treatment room for children – consultations and treatments in the local area,
  • 022 ENT laboratory for children – consultation and treatment in the local community,
  • 023 Adult endoscopy lab for laryngological endoscopy – consultation and treatment in the local area,
  • 024 Children’s spirometry lab,
  • 025 Adult spirometry lab,
  • 026 Hearing test labs (full range) for children,
  • 027 Hearing test labs (full range) for adults,
  • 028 Ultrasound lab,
  • 029 Computed tomography lab (X-ray machine with pantomographic apparatus) for children,
  • 030 CT room (X-ray machine with pantomographic apparatus),
  • 031 X-ray lab,
  • 032 Children’s X-ray lab,
  • 033 Sterilization,
  • 034 Diagnostic and treatment room,
  • 035 Children’s diagnostics and treatment room,
  • 036 Vaccination point,
  • 037 Vaccination point for children,
  • 038 Neurosurgical clinic,
  • 039 Gastrointestinal surgery clinic for adults – consultations and procedures in the local community,
  • 040 Point of collection of test materials,
  • 041 ENT clinic,
  • 042 ENT clinic,
  • 043 Pain management advice,
  • 044 Travel medical advice,
  • 045 Mental health advisory service,
  • 046 Adult vascular surgery out-patient clinic – consultations and procedures in the local area,
  • 047 Adult psychological counselling,
  • 048 Pulmonology outpatient clinic for adults,
  • 049 ENT clinic for children – consultation and treatment in the local community,
  • 050 ENT clinic for children – consultation and treatment in the local community,
  • 051 ENT clinic for children – consultation and treatment in the local community,
  • 052 Dermatology clinic for children – consultation and treatment in the local community,
  • 053 Mental health clinic for children,
  • 054 Pain management advice for children,
  • 055 Children’s neurological clinic,
  • 056 Children’s audiological clinic,
  • 057 Phonatric clinic for children,
  • 058 Allergology clinic for children,
  • 059 Children’s Endocrinology Clinic,
  • 060 Neurosurgical clinic for children,
  • 061 Nephrological clinic for children,
  • 062 Children’s Plastic Surgery Clinic – consultation and treatment in the local area,
  • 063 Gastrointestinal surgery for children,
  • 064 Children’s oncology clinic,
  • 065 Children’s travel medicine clinic,
  • 066 Children’s ophthalmology clinic for children – consultation and treatment in the local community,
  • 067 General Surgery Clinic for Children,
  • 068 Children’s vascular surgery outpatient clinic – consultations and procedures in the local community,
  • 069 Pulmonology outpatient clinic for children,
  • 070 Cardiology clinic,
  • 071 Children’s cardiac clinic,
  • 072 Physiotherapy outpatient clinic,
  • 073 Physiotherapy centre for children,
  • 074 Primary health care clinic,
  • 075 Primary health care clinic for children,
  • 076 Urological clinic,
  • 077 Children’s urological clinic,
  • 078 Gynaecological clinic,
  • 079 Sports medicine clinic,
  • 080 Sports medicine for children,
  • 081 Driver Testing Clinic,
  • 082 Infectious diseases clinic,
  • 083 Outpatient clinic for infectious diseases for children,
  • 084 Hyperbaric therapy center,
  • 085 Hyperbaric therapy centre for children,
  • 086 Hematology Clinic,
  • 087 Haematology clinic la children

Organizational cells of the company are created, transformed and liquidated by the Owner by an appropriate provision in the Organizational Regulations.

10. The way in which the individual units and organizational units of the company are managed and organised and their tasks

Persons holding managerial positions in the company:

  • Company Manager – Owner,
  • Medical Director,
  • Managing Director,
  • Nurse Superior,

Patient attendants:

  • Doctors,
  • Nurse Superior,
  • Hospital Coordinator,
  • Nurses,
  • Specialist electroradiologists,
  • Hyperbaric chamber operators,
  • Patient service specialists.

People acting outside of direct patient service:

  • Administration department,
  • Marketing department,
  • Cleaning department,
  • Technical department,
  • IT department.

The tasks of the organizational units and units listed in point 9 include providing comprehensive care to patients through the provision of health services in the field of outpatient treatment as well as inpatient and 24-hour health services, in particular, providing medical advice and consultation, and directing and conducting diagnostic tests and rehabilitation.

Benefits in individual units and organizational cells are provided in accordance with the adopted specialty of the cells and the corresponding scope of health services.

11. Sharing of documentation

Conditions for cooperation with other entities in the field of sharing medical records
Krajmed CM keeps and makes available the medical records of persons receiving health services in accordance with the principles set out in the law to entities and bodies entitled under the law, and in the event of a patient’s death, to the person authorized by him to obtain information. The documentation is made available in a manner ensuring confidentiality and personal data protection.

The entity providing medical services shall also make medical documentation available:

  1. healthcare providers, if such documentation is necessary to ensure continuity of healthcare services;
  2. to public authorities, the National Health Fund, self-government bodies of medical professions and national and provincial consultants, to the extent necessary to perform their tasks, in particular control and supervision;
  3. the minister competent for health matters, courts, including disciplinary courts, public prosecutors’ offices, court physicians and ombudsmen for professional responsibility, in connection with the proceedings;
  4. bodies and institutions entitled under separate laws, if the examination was carried out at their request;
  5. pension authorities and Disability Assessment Boards, in connection with their proceedings;
  6. entities keeping registers of medical services, to the extent necessary to keep records;
  7. insurance undertakings, with the consent of the patient.

The amount of the fee for providing documentation

  1. Medical records shall be made available:
    • for inspection at the premises of the health care provider;
    • by making extracts, copies or copies of it.
  2. Krajmed CM does not charge a fee for the activities listed in point 1. 1. a. and b. of this chapter.

12. The entity's obligations in the event of a patient's death

  1. The patient’s death and its causes are stated on the death card.
  2. Issuing the death card is the responsibility of the doctor, who last provided the patient with medical services within 30 days before the date of death.
  3. In case:
    • there is no doctor obliged to issue a death card according to paragraph 2, or,
    • such a doctor resides more than 4 km from the location of the body, or
    • due to illness or other justifiable reasons may inspect the corpse within 12 hours of being called, the death card shall be issued by the doctor on duty.
  4. The patient’s death card shall be issued to the nearest family.
  5. The entity performing therapeutic activities does not charge for storing the patient’s corpse.

A detailed procedure in case of patient’s death is available in the administration of Krajmed CM.

13. Final provisions

  1. These regulations were developed by the management of Krajmed CM.
  2. In matters not regulated by these organisational regulations, the provisions of relevant legal acts shall apply.
  3. These Regulations are available for patients’ inspection in the registration of the therapeutic entity, as well as on the entity’s website (

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