Terapeutic treatment

Biostimulation laser

is widely used in medicine. It works on the cellular level – by increasing the activity of fibroblasts and ATP production, it stimulates and accelerates repair processes in pathologically altered tissues. It leads to local improvement of circulation and metabolism and supports natural regenerative processes of the body. Such a laser is successfully suited for the treatment of acute and chronic inflammation and related pain.

Biostimulation laser therapy is completely safe and painless. The treatment lasts from several to several dozen seconds, depending on the place and nature of the treatment.

In the Krajmed Medical Centre we use the Doris 1106MX diode biostimulation laser by CTL, with a wavelength of 780 nm and power of 750 mW, penetrating tissues to a depth of 6 cm. In ENT, it allows us to quickly and effectively support the treatment of many diseases.

It is used in laryngology to treat the following diseases, among others:

  • inflammation of the middle ear,
  • inflammation of the inner ear,
  • inflammation of the Eustachian tube,
  • sore throat,
  • tonsillitis,
  • sinusitis (maxillary sinuses, ethmoid, frontal),
  • atrophic rhinitis throat,
  • swelling of the nasal turbinates,
  • nasal polyps,
  • Chronic rhinitis throat,
  • tinnitus,
  • Oostoperative wound throat,
  • mucosal injury,
  • bleeding (bleeding obstructs),
  • inflammation of the salivary gland,

Other treatments:


It is a unique equipment designed to treat middle ear diseases, paranasal sinuses and in particular impaired permeability of the auditory trumpet. The device has the ability to produce a vibroaerosol, i.e. an aerosol enriched with additional energy coming from the application of an acoustic wave of 100 Hz, as well as feeding it under short-term hypertension. Thanks to this overpressure, the aerosol penetrates into the middle ear through Eustace’s trumpet and into the sinuses even through holes with impaired patency. In the AMSA inhaler, the hypertension is automatically activated when it is swallowed. Through the appropriate nasal tip, the hypertension forces the vibroaerosol into the closed space of the nasopharynx, and from there into the ear trumpet and the middle ear. Repeating this process results in natural trumpet physiotherapy. Studies show that the penetration of the vibroaerosol with hypertension is approx. 100 times better than an aerosol produced by normal methods.

pari sinus


It is used in the therapy of the upper respiratory tract to treat, among others, acute and chronic sinusitis (allergic, viral, bacterial). The device is designed for nasal inhalation of liquid drugs. It creates a “pulsating aerosol”, which is easier to penetrate through the mouths of the sinuses and the affected areas. This way of applying the drug also allows the nasal mucosa to be moistened.



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