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Point of vaccination

Vaccination is the most effective weapon in the fight against dangerous viruses and infectious diseases. They are the best known and the most effective application of immunology, serving human health. Thanks to the widespread use of vaccinations, the occurrence of many dangerous diseases caused by bacteria and viruses (tuberculosis, diphtheria, poliomyelitis, true smallpox) has been significantly reduced. In our Center there is also a Travel Medicine Clinic, in which we carry out vaccinations for travelers and vaccinate against yellow fever. In addition, we issue certificates for pupils and students who want to study in the USA (forms, vaccinations).

In our center, we perform the following vaccinations:

  • immunization of children and adults,
  • Individual calendars vaccination: acelularny pertussis, inactivated polio,
  • flu,
  • varicella,
  • tuberculin test,
  • tuberculosis,
  • cervical cancer.
  • tetanus,
  • Diphtheria,
  • rubella,
  • mumps,
  • measles,
  • against hepatitis A and B,

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