operacje laryngologiczne gardło



The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia; it is laryngeal sighting using the endoscope. During the procedure, samples are taken for histopathological examination.

Laryngeal microsurgery

Diagnostics and treatment of vocal cord lesions. Using an endoscope and appropriate surgical instruments, the anatomical structure of vocal cords is assessed and tissue fragments are taken for histopathological evaluation.

Surgery of a lateral neck cyst (thoracic, branchiogenic cyst)

A developmental defect resulting from abnormal closing of gill pockets during embryogenesis. The treatment of choice is surgical removal of the cyst. The acute condition must be cured before the operation.

Surgery of the middle neck cyst (thyroid-tongue duct cyst)

Developmental disorder consisting in the presence of the remains of the thyroid-tongue duct, which in the development of the human embryo (embryogenesis) is the pathway of thyroid movement from the bottom of the oral cavity to the anterior neck space. The cyst is located in the middle line of the neck in the area of the kidney bone. It may also contain fragments of the thyroid gland. The central cyst requires surgical treatment. Sometimes it can be purulent and penetrate outside the skin of the neck. Very rarely a malignant cancer can develop in the middle neck cyst, usually as thyroid cancer.

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