Sudden deafness

Sudden deafness

is a receiving hearing impairment that occurs suddenly for no apparent reason, in most cases unilaterally, with varying levels of hearing loss, including total deafness. It is usually done within 1-3 days, which is why rapid diagnosis and implementation of appropriate treatment is so important. The basic symptoms of sudden deafness include sudden, usually unilateral, hearing impairment. Often, symptoms appear in the morning, with the impression that your hearing is getting worse. Deterioration of hearing is felt as a feeling of stuffiness of the ear, a feeling of retaining cotton wool, fullness in the ear, often accompanied by tinnitus, of a squeak or whistling nature. Dizziness and imbalance are less common.


We carry out otolaryngological examination in every patient with symptoms of sudden hearing impairment. In order to unequivocally determine whether we are dealing with sudden deafness, after the basic examination audiological diagnostics is performed – examination of tonal impedance audiometry.


If sudden deafness is diagnosed, a prompt and immediate response is important. The most effective treatment for sudden deafness is treatment with hyperbaric oxygen in the chamber in combination with intravenous steroid treatment. The second group of drugs that are particularly useful in the course of vascular disorders are vasodilators and anti-vasoconstrictor prevention. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases partial pressure in the inner ear. Oxygen under pressure improves circulation and creates optimal conditions for the regeneration of middle ear structures. Treatment of cases of sudden deafness covers a period of 10 to 15 days.
In the treatment of sudden deafness, you can additionally use dietary supplements and ear preparations to improve the hearing system.

Appropriate ENT diagnosis and implementation of a full treatment program consisting of a combination of hyperbaric chamber treatments with pharmacological treatment gives a 100% improvement in hearing.