CT scan of the sinuses

Volumetric Tomography is an excellent alternative to the standard spiral CT. In our clinic we have the latest technology-the camera images to three-dimensional tomographic-VieraViewepocs 3D, which has a number of innovative design solutions that allow to reduce to a minimum the test area. Execution of so called pre-scan for precise selection and setting the exposure area. The test is done with a minimum dose of radiation (5 mSv) and lasts only 8 seconds. Tomography study performed in the standing position, which is a remarkable advantage for people suffering from claustrophobia. Thanks to the Flat Panel Detector technology device offers true high definition 3D images. High resolution photos, fully highlight the bones and soft tissues without image distortion caused by the processing of analog / digital. It is possible to perform the test in children and people with disabilities.

In our CT clinic we include the following types of tests:

  • CT lateral nasal sinuses in the frontal plane,
  • CT of the sinuses,
  • CT of the temporal bone pyramid (middle ear),
  • pantomography,
  • cephalometry AP / BOK,
  • pantomography temporomandibular joints,
  • pantomography onthogonal.
  • Bitewing pantomografia (alternative to intra-wing occlusal photos)
  • AP skull x-ray,
  • lateral skull x-ray,

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