Voice therapy

terapia głosu warszawa

You have voice problems? Are you hoarse? Make an appointment for a consult with your voice therapist. We offer consultations and trainings especially for voice professionals and public speaking.

During the first consultation, the voice therapist will assess the condition of your voice and, depending on the assessment, will choose the appropriate form of therapy. The aim of the therapy is to improve the quality of your voice. During the classes, the therapist works together with the patient on the carrying capacity, strength and height of the voice.

The voice therapy for organic diseases is primarily:

  • Improvement of voice after various procedures and surgical interventions (sinus surgery, nasal septums) – breathing exercises and help in adapting to new conditions
  • Rehabilitation in laryngeal diseases – change of speaking technique (development of so called soft voice)
  • Assistive respiratory rehabilitation in the course of respiratory diseases (asthma, COPD)

In the case of functional disorders, which can be caused by stress, nervous system or neurosis, we offer:

  • relaxation, relaxation exercises
  • breathing exercises
  • phonation exercises – reducing laryngeal muscle tension
  • throat loosening exercises
  • articulation exercises – improving speech clarity (diction)