Sports medicine

medycyna sportowa

It now includes broadly defined health prevention. It deals with maintaining or improving health and using the impact of physical activity on the body.

Sports medicine serves both professionals and amateurs, providing them with medical protection, prevention and sports training support. In the field of sports medicine, we offer assistance in the most common health problems of athletes and people actively practicing sports: from anaemia, overtraining, bad laboratory results, treatment of acute and chronic injuries, to sexually transmitted diseases, dietary advice, pharmacological support, body regeneration and sport and medical judgments, i.e. judgments on fitness for competitions (“athlete’s booklet”), sports schools, etc.

Sports medicine deals with problems such as:


  • sports injuries and other health problems of athletes
  • nutrition, nutrients and pharmacological support
  • doping – medicines that are prohibited for athletes
  • indications and contraindications for sport – sports and medical research
  • health specificity of individual sports
  • training physiology
  • slowing down the ageing process

The most common health problems of athletes:

  • acute injuries
  • overload injuries (“wear injuries”)
  • weakened immunity and the associated susceptibility to colds and other illnesses
  • anaemia (sports anaemia), bad laboratory results
  • disease prevention, including vaccination
  • organ overload (e.g. abnormal liver tests or urine test results)
  • sleep disorders
  • mental problems: chronic mental stress, “burnout”
  • skin diseases: foot mycosis acne, skin allergies
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • slower recovery after efforts
  • biological regeneration, including body rejuvenation

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