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Phoniatrics is a field of otolaryngology dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of voice, language and speech disorders. This field is closely related to audiology and sometimes even speech therapy. If you have any problems with your voice you should go to phoniatrics. You should bring all the tests you have done so far to your visit. During the visit, the phoniatrics doctor will conduct a detailed interview, perform tests (physical, endoscopic, stroboscopic) and analyze the structure, throat, nose and vocal cords. If necessary, he will commission additional diagnostic tests such as an audiogram (tonal audiometry) or computed tomography. Both of these examinations are performed at our facility.

Do you work with your voice? Do you often have hoarseness, hearing loss, altered voice, difficulty getting it out, feeling weakened? In our Centre we offer comprehensive diagnostics and treatment of voice disorders both in children and adults, especially in patients with professional voice (singers, singers, actors, journalists, lecturers, teachers, priests). In the case of the youngest patients, these are often children with adenoid hypertrophy or speech impaired development.



Indications for a visit to phoniatrics:

  • hearing loss
  • speech disorders
  • hoarseness, scratching in the throat
  • aphonia
  • dizziness
  • tinnitus

Our specialists


Specialist otolaryngologist and phoniatrist. An ENT consultant at the Institute of Cardiology in Warsaw. A graduate of the First Faculty…