pediatria mokotów

It is a branch of medicine dealing with children’s diseases, child care and their development. At the Krajmed Medical Centre, consultations are provided by an experienced pediatrician, Ernest Kuchar, MD, PhD a specialist in pediatrics and infectious diseases – the Head of the Pediatrics Clinic with the Observational Department of the Medical University of Warsaw, where he deals with the diagnosis and treatment of children’s diseases, with particular emphasis on infections, congenital infections, meningitis, and decalcified diseases, including borreliosis, and the diagnosis and treatment of liver diseases.

During the visit we try to create a pleasant and friendly atmosphere so as to reduce to a minimum the stress accompanying our small patients during the examination. Each of our youngest patients after leaving the office is rewarded with a gift.

Our specialists :


A graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw, faculty of teaching in English. He also works at the Independent Public…