Driver tests


We offer medical examination and issue appropriate certificates for drivers applying for a category A (motorcycle), B (car), B+E (car with trailer) and driving licence and for professional drivers. Categories A, B, B+E do not require any additional consultation. Ophthalmological examination is carried out at the visit. The patient receives a ruling on the existence or absence of health contraindications to drive. The examination is carried out by an experienced specialist who is licensed to examine drivers – Ernest Kuchar M.D. Ph.D.

A person which have a referral for driver’s examination, reports for a medical examination within no more than 30 days from receiving the referral for this examination. The medical examination is carried out after checking the identity of the examined person and submitting a statement concerning his/her health condition. In case of professional drivers, it is necessary to visit an ophthalmologist, laryngologist in advance and perform an audiogram.

As part of the medical examination, the doctor assesses the health condition of the examined person in order to determine whether or not there are any health contraindications to driving:

  • The organ of sight
  • Hearing and balance organ
  • Traffic system
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory system
  • The nervous system, including epilepsy
  • Kidney function
  • Diabetes mellitus, taking into account the results of the glycemic test
  • Mental state
  • Symptoms indicating alcohol dependence or abuse
  • Symptoms indicating dependence on or abuse of alcohol-like agents
  • Use of medicinal products which may affect the ability to drive
  • Other serious medical conditions which could pose a hazard when driving

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