Diving Medicine

Remember to start your adventure with this sport by performing tests and receiving the appropriate certificate from your sports doctor. In our Centre we offer tests for divers, which allow us to identify possible contraindications to practise this sport. The number and type of examinations is determined by the regulation of the Minister of Health. Consultations in the field of diving medicine are provided by doc. Ernest Kuchar – sports medicine specialist who completed a course in pathophysiology of diving.

Before starting a dive it is worth to check the nasal septum, because during a dive we have to deal with pressure differences that affect our body. The septum curve, inflammation of the sinuses or other obstruction of the ducts connecting the sinuses with the nasal cavity and lack of proper ventilation make it impossible for the pressure to equalize spontaneously. This can lead to barotrauma. If you are struggling with these problems, it is essential that you visit an ENT specialist.

The patient will receive a consultation:

  • a qualification for recreational diving,
  • a medical certificate for diving,
  • certificate/qualification to participate in diving sports competitions,
  • to conquer a diving qualification book,
  • qualification for diving as part of periodic examinations,
  • advice on diving in tropical countries,
  • pressure test.

Before the visit, the patient should have an ENT consultation and perform the following tests:

  • Chest X-ray,
  • Spirometry,
  • ECG at rest,
  • Basic blood tests (morphology, OB, glucose).

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