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An audiologist is a specialist who deals with the diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders of patients of all ages. The audiologist’s role is to conduct diagnostic tests and propose the optimal method of treatment, rehabilitation or hearing prosthesis.

Children at nursery and preschool age are particularly at risk of ear and upper respiratory tract infections (otitis media exudate, auditory trumpet obstruction, tonsil throat hypertrophy, palatal tonsil hypertrophy) resulting in temporary hearing impairment. Therefore, whenever a parent notices worse reactions of the child to auditory stimuli and verbal commands, delayed speech acquisition, twisting of words, fuzzy speech, poor, loud speaking… etc. should consult an audiologist.

Attention! In school-age children, listening difficulties may manifest themselves as problems in focusing on lessons and learning, especially foreign languages.

At any age, the audiologist will consult

  • hearing impairment,
  • auditory hypersensitivity (unpleasant sounds that do not disturb others),
  • Tinnitus (crackling, squeaking, buzzing, murmurs heard in the ears),
  • the feeling of ears blocking and clogging.

If you are diagnosed with a hearing loss and are advised to wear hearing aids, you should consult with your audiologist if there is no significant benefit from hearing aids.

States requiring urgent consultation

  • a sudden hearing impairment of one or both sides
  • the sudden appearance of noise, crackle, squeak heard in one or both ears
  • sudden deterioration of hearing after exposure to noise (so-called acoustic trauma).

Specialists dealing with this issue

dr. n. med.
Agnieszka Korkosz-Mierzejewska LARYNGOLOGIST / AUDIOLOGIST

She graduated from medical studies at the Second Faculty of Medicine at the Medical Academy in Warsaw in 2005. In…