Katarzyna Kupiszewska-Grzybowska

kupiszewska grzybowska
Katarzyna Kupiszewska-Grzybowska


A graduate of Polish Philology at the University of Warsaw (1993), Post-graduate Studies in Speech Therapy of the University of Warsaw (2001) and Postgraduate Studies in Voice Emission of the University of Warsaw (2004). She participated in numerous workshops and trainings organized, among others by the Polish Association of Speech Therapists, the Society of Word Lovers, the Speech Department of the Language Culture Society and the Węgajty Theater Association. In the years 2004-2019 she conducted voice emission classes with students of the University of Warsaw and the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University, as well as training sessions and workshops for teachers and other people professionally using voice. She teaches the principles of conscious and correct use of voice, especially in stressful situations or in the case of high voice load. She provides Voice therapy, also after various surgical interventions in diseases of the throat, nose and sinuses. Rehabilitation in larynx diseases: changing the speaking technique, developing a soft voice attitude. Correcting bad voice habits (nasal speech).

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