Myringotomy with drainage
The aim of treatment is to clear the ear of the fluid and to ensure its ventilation, allowing pressure equalization on both sides of the tympanic membrane. In children, it is performed under general anesthesia in adults under local anesthesia. Consists in incision of the eardrum (for a length of about 1.5 mm) and the fluid removal from the ear, and then the introduction of a small drain. The drain remains in the ear for a few months – to the ear could still clean and even pressure – and when it is rolled, cut overgrown without a trace.

General term for all operations to improve hearing, the aim is to reconstruct the sound-conducting apparatus.

The operation of the middle ear, which consists of the reconstruction of the tympanic membrane made using temporal fascia, perichondrium or cartilage.

Surgery to remove the stapes / stapes parts, usually performed in the course of otosclerosis (a disease of the middle and inner ear).

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