Doctors for children

Doctors for children

In our center we try to surround our youngest patients the best medical care. The range of our services we offer care pediatricians for both healthy and sick children, specialist consultations allergy doctors, anesthesiologists and foremost ENT. In addition, we offer diagnostic imaging and laboratory, vaccination compulsory and recommended how and alergologiczne- skin tests, spirometry, panels ingestion, inhalation, and many other tests.


Probably not once you  heard that someone has allergies. And what exactly is this allergy? Well, some children can not drink milk, eat eggs, or chocolate, because they would have to be constantly scratching. Yes, scratch, because eating such food makes the skin very itchy and sometimes pimples may appear on the abdomen, legs or entire body. Other children but can not smell the flowers, walk in the woods, because would constantly sneeze. And who likes to go spinning in the nose? It is the allergist who treats children with those allergies.


This is a magician who distributes beautiful dreams. He meets you when you need to be in hospital. Sometimes you can even order a dream …. Perhaps with princesses, perhaps a sea expedition, and maybe pirate or a beautiful princess imprisoned in a high tower … And you what would you like to dream?

The doctor is terribly curious as to what you hear in your ear, nose and throat. It has a crane with a camera to examine the ears, funny flashlight to examine the nose and forehead as the light from the lighthouse to watch the throat. Can you imagine a lighthouse on the forehead? It must be very funny! You must see it!


This is a doctor who knows kids the best in the world! He knows where to put the phone to prosper you to explore and never forget a conversation with your belly. I do not know why, but also likes to watch your teeth. It’s a very thorough doctor who has to know everything about you.

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