Krajmed Medical Centre is a team of more than 40 eminent specialists providing comprehensive medical services of the highest quality in 25 specialties.
We offer unlimited access to doctors following specialties:

  • anesthesia,
  • allergy,
  • anti-aging,
  • audiology
  • general surgery,
  • plastic surgery,
  • dermatology,
  • endocrinology,
  • aesthetic ginecology,
  • GP,
  • uroginecolgy,
  • internal medicine,
  • cardiology,
  • nephrology,
  • neurology,
  • ophthalmology,
  • oncology,
  • pediatrics,
  • psychiatry,
  • psychotherapy,
  • phoniatrics,
  • pulmonology,
  • travel medicine.

We also provide full diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis, metabolic bone disease, osteoarthritis, reactive arthritis, infections, atopic (including caused by chlamydia). We perform bone densitometry: lumbar spine, femoral neck, the backbone, and we densitometric (accurate and painless) measurement of fat and lean tissue, used in the treatment of obesity.
We also offer a full diagnosis of sleep disorders.  We treat through various methods including low-temperature bipolar thermotherapy (CELON) and surgical methods. The treatment allows you to rent CPAP, which normalizes breathing during sleep.

In our clinic we offer ENT outpatient counseling in the field of  nose, sinuses, ears, throat, and voice and smell  disorders. During the consultation modern, specialized equipment (diagnostic endoscopes, microscopic techniques) is used, through which the patient is able to actively participate in the process of diagnosis. In order to ensure proper and timely diagnose we offer a variety of tests that can be performed on site.Elements supporting the diagnosis  are: additional tests are performed on site, Soem of them include nasal function tests (eg rynometria movements of cilia) hearing test (audiogram, tympanogram), screening and full sleep studies, laboratory tests and bacteriological, rapid diagnostic tests and more.
We provide laryngological urgent careupon registration.

tomoVolumetric Tomography is an excellent alternative to the standard spiral CT. In our studio we have the latest technology-the camera images to three-dimensional tomographic-VieraViewepocs 3D, which has a number of innovative design solutions which allow to reduce to a minimum the test area. Execution of so called pre-scan for precise selection and setting the exposure area. The test is done with a minimum dose of radiation (5 mSv) and lasts only 8 seconds. Tomography study performed in the standing position, which is a remarkable advantage for people suffering from claustrophobia. Thanks to the Flat Panel Detector technology device offers true high definition 3D images. High resolution photos, fully highlight the bones and soft tissues without image distortion caused by the processing of analog / digital. It is possible to perform the test in children and people with disabilities.

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