Krajmed Medical Centre

Private Medical Centre in Warsaw. We offer consultations with 25 specializations. Our leading area is ENT and plastic surgery of the nose. We are a national leader in the field of sinus surgery and tonsils.

  • Consultations


    We provide a wide range of ambulatory consultations in the field of illnesses: nose, sinuses, ears, throat, and voice  ans smell disorders. During the consultation modern, specializedstate-of-the-art medical equipment (diagnostic endoscopes, microscopic techniques) is used, through which the patient is…

  • Operations


    We specialize in endoscopic ENT operations. We are the pioneers in the field of endoscopic sinus surgery and first to introduce endoscopic technique to reduce the tonsils. This method is less invasive and significantly reduces the risk of postoperative complications…

  • Smell disorders clinic

    Smell disorders clinic

    Do not underestimate the deterioration of smell – can be the first symptom of some ENT diseases and neurological disorders. The olfactory cells are part of nerve cells in the human body, which directly receive stimuli from the external environment.…

  • Pain Clinic

    Pain Clinic

    Pain is a signal that something disturbing is happening to our body. It accompanies us from birth, and always associated with the unendurable and suffering nuisance. Pain is a subjective sensation sensory and emotional. It binds both to the action…

  • Diagnostics


    In Krajmed Medical Center, we offer a wide range of diagnostic laboratory tests from simple laboratory tests to more complex diagnosis. The use of modern, specialized equipment allows for accurate diagnosis and cure many serious diseases.

  • Terapeutic treatment

    Terapeutic treatment

    AMSA This unique equipment intended for the treatment of otitis media, sinusitis and in particular impaired patency of the Eustachian tube. The device has the ability to produce vibrospray, or spray enriched with additional energy from the acoustic wave to…

  • Point of vaccination

    Point of vaccination

    Vaccination is the most effective weapon in the fight against dangerous viruses and diseases. They are the most famous and most effective application of immunology, serving human health. With the widespread use of vaccination significantly reduced the occurrence of many…